This is an amazing 7 minutes of UFO video. Some of the comments state it’s an RC plane or kite with lights on them. This doesn’t seem to be the case because it stays stationary and travels at treetop level for quite a distance really fast.

I do wish the video had continued until they disappeared. If they had zipped off at a high rate of speed then the RC plane explanation would be debunked. If it came in straight descending gradually, then the UFO explanation would be debunked.

At one point you can see where it actually does look like lights on the wings of a small plane. I just can’t imagine someone with an RC controller weaving an RC airplane between street lamps, through trees and buildings at high speed. It seems you would lose visibility pretty quickly.

At any rate… Pretty amazing footage.


Unless you’ve been under a rock you’ve heard of triangles flying in the night sky. Well it appears there has been some daylight sightings with videos of these UFO triangles.

One video is from Russia where a large triangle is seen hovering over Red Square. The people taking the video are very calm and curious about what it is. I know everyone handles these things differently but personally if I had seen a HUGE triangle revolving and floating above Red Square, I’d have been more excited.

The second video below is from the UK. It is a triangle just floating along. It could be a hot air balloon but the way it’s revolving and floating along seems extremely smooth for something not under intelligent control.


I don’t care how you feel about UFO’s but while this may not be aliens, it is definitely unidentified. Also, the pictures look too good to be true and immediately bring Photoshop to mind. But… do you discount a photo because it’s more than a fuzzy light or out of focus disk?

This was observed by thousands of Norwegians and would really be a surprise. The phenomenon could be seen for hundreds of miles and has been dubbed ‘Star-Gate’.

For more information go the The Sun online. The picture is really awesome!

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At about 10 pm on the evening of August 23, a UFO appeared in the sky above Beibei Binjiang Road in Chongqing.

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This is really quite amazing. Skip ahead to 4:39… These UFO spheres interact with each other. Another amazing fact is that so many can be released by a craft that’s not much larger than the spheres it’s releasing.



A photo was taken in Colorado along Route 470 at 6:50 p.m. on July 27, where a disc-shaped object appears in the clouds, according to witness testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

The photographer reports that the object was not seen at the time the photo was taken, but like many other reports of this kind, the object was not noticed until the image was moved to and viewed on a computer.

The anomaly appears to be disc-shaped with a dark edge to the object.

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Stanton Friedman was being interviewed for a documentary about the Barney and Betty Hill alien abduction case. This was for the anniversary of the event 47 years ago.

Amazingly enough… when the cameraman started filming, lights appeared behind them. These lights start moving around, then disappear. Pretty amazing.

UFO caught on film in Canadian brothers documentary


First I have to say… I will not miss it. I’ve watched all of these once in hopes there may be some conclusions that may be enlightening. I’ve always been disappointed. There is never any new information just rehashed old information.

In one episode, an interviewer was interviewing the manager of an airport. He was trying to get the airport manager to say a “Janet”  airplane (from Area 51) had landed there. The airport manager said one hadn’t. Then he asked the airport manager if the government had told him to deny the information for National Security reasons, would he deny it. The airport manager said he would deny it. Then the interviewer asked him again, the airport manager denied seeing a “Janet” airplane. I guess this was supposed to establish that one may have been there? How lame…

I for one can honestly say that is one show that will not be missed.


Joseph Montaldo, International Director of ICAR, the International Community for Abduction Research believes this. Mr. Montaldo bases this on research interviews of over 5000 abductees. His research and audio file can be found here. Read more…

Below is a video where it is believed that an alien abduction was caught on tape.

Why would any alien need to abduct 1 billion people? If it’s for study, why wouldn’t a few hundred suffice? Do they enjoy making us vomit, scared to death, or paranoid?

The more I hear, the more I believe there is some fallen angel or demonic activity going on here. The fear that’s induced and sexual nature of the abductions I don’t believe would indicate some highly advanced beings. If we had to look at a billion specimens of anything multiple times, would we ever come to any conclusions about anything.

Inducing fear and creating hybrid creatures has to be part of it. We hold a special place in creation and it seems they want to be a part of it.


By Adele Forrest
A UFO sighting stunned a group of friends on a camping trip.


Sharon Carlin, her husband, two children and two other couples with children were on a Bank Holiday trip in North Wales.

The six adults and seven children stayed at the Carrog Station Campsite, and on their last night, when all the children were asleep, they saw an unusual object in the sky.

The friends were gathered around their campfire when Sharon said she noticed something.

“I saw orange flames coming towards us and I had no idea what it could be,” said Sharon.

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